Monday, July 4, 2011

Gelato vs. Ice Cream Calories

Gelato is the Italian word for ice. It is creamier than premium ice cream because less air into the mix during the production of whipped cream, gelato after manufacturer Gelarmony. Flavors are more intense than in gelato ice. Calories in gelato are similar to those used in ice and depend on the kind of ingredients during processing. Types
Like ice in a variety of low-fat and fewer calories options, such as sorbet, frozen yogurt and reduced-fat varieties is so gelato. The various types include traditional Italian ice cream with milk Gelati, Gelati yogurt, low fat fruit-based sorbettos made without dairy and soy gelati, with soy protein. YoCream Frozen Yogurt Simply the worlds best frozen yogurt Sponsored Links Features
The U.S. Department of Agriculture requires ice to a minimum of 10 percent milk fat and not less than 20 percent total milk solids to meet federal standards for USDA ingredient containing cream. Many premium ice cream contains as much as 16 percent milk fat. Ice is made by stirring in the milk and solids during freezing. Gelato has no nationwide standards. The mixture is cooled and kept in a semi-frozen state, which makes it melt faster. Considerations
Calories vary both in ice and ice depending on the amount of milk fat and sugar, portion size and manufacturer. After my fitness Pal, a half cup of vanilla ice cream 166-266 calories vary depending on ingredients. Richer vanilla ice tends to be higher in calories. Vanilla ice cream can be served 150-200 calories for a half-cup range. Nutrition
Both gelato and ice are an effective source of calcium, ranging from 13 to 15 percent of your daily calcium requirement. Both are rich in carbohydrates, when combined with milk. Ice has almost 17 grams carbohydrates, while gelato is usually higher in the 25 to 25 g range. Protein levels are approximately the same g served in ice and ice, for 2 to 4 per half cup. Warnings
The number of calories come from fat even if the ice and ice were dependent from whole milk or skim milk, soy, yogurt or water. Fat calories in ice cream can range anywhere from just under 18 grams of premium blends with less than 8 g generic in less expensive blends. Fat calories 15 g fat ice cream can in a generic mixture to 2 g or less in fruit-based gelatos area.

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